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By Tracey Magrann



Tom Magrann is 80 years old now, and he enjoys many blessings.  He is financially secure.  He is healthy and active.  He has many friends.  He has a family that loves him.


Do you want what Tom Magrann has?  Then do what Tom Magrann does.


For as long as anyone has known him, he has been organized and responsible.  He always does what he says he will do, and always has it done when he says it will be done.  He is always on time, because he is always early.  He never loses anything because he puts things away where they belong.  He is honest, because is has no fear.  He has no fear, because he does everything “by the book”.  He is trustworthy because he is honest.  These are simple things that make for great virtues.


Such virtues make a man a valuable employee.  Such virtues make a man a great friend.  Such virtues make a great father.


Valuable employees are given more and more responsibilities, with more and more money, and earn more and more respect.  Such men are sought far and wide by astute employers.  Do you want to be given more money and more respect by your employer?  Do you want to be financially secure in your retirement?  Do what Tom Magrann does.


Tom Magrann has worked hard all his life.  He has always saved his money, and he makes wise investments because he researches and studies all his options, and carefully weighs and considers a matter before making a decision.  In all his 80 years, he has never bounced a check.  The reason for that is simple: he does not write a check for more money than he has.  He knows how much money he has because he carefully balances his checkbook every month.  He has all his credit cards paid off, because he never buys anything he cannot afford.  His first job was picking apples for 50 cents a week, and he had to give half of that money to his mother to help out the family.  He would bring home two apples a day in his pocket, which they had to split four ways, so they would have fruit to eat.  Today, he owns his home, and has it all paid off.  If you want financial security, do what Tom Magrann does.


Tom Magrann can outrun many men who are forty years younger than he is.  His blood pressure is that of a teenager.  His cholesterol level is lower than average.  He still sets his alarm clock every day for 7:30 am and gets up for his morning walk around the lake.  When it rains, he does his walk on his treadmill.  He started running at age 55, and ran his first marathon two years later!  He comes home from his walk and has his cereal, half a grapefruit, glass of milk, and juice.  He eats a sandwich and fruit for lunch.  He eats a healthy, well-balanced dinner.  He has been doing this for as long as I can remember.  Do you want to live to be healthy and active at age 80?  Do what Tom Magrann does.


Tom Magrann is a friendly man.  He knows his neighbors.  He has always signed up for fun group activities, such as football and baseball coaching, boxing, and bowling.  He has hosted his share of parties, from cocktail mixers to Super Bowl parties, and every guest leaves with a smile. He also does useful volunteer work.  After he retired, he was voted in as President of his Home Owner’s Association, and even today, he is head of the painting committee.  He has acquired many handy skills in his lifetime, most of which arose out of necessity, and even at age 80, he rarely pays someone to do a job that he knows how to do himself.  He is always  ready, able, and willing to help a friend in need.  If you want the number of friends that Tom Magrann has, treat them the way Tom Magrann does.


Tom Magrann loves his children and grandchildren, and everyone knows it.  Not one child that has passed through his house went without a horsey ride on his knee.  Not one child went without seeing his magic tricks, listening to his jokes, and hearing his advice.  Not one child went without schoolbooks, tuition and necessary supplies.  Not one child went without being photographed and videotaped.  When any of his children or grandchildren are asked what they like about “Grandpop”, their only hesitation is deciding what to say first.  Everyone who knows Tom Magrann knows he loves his whole family, and his whole family loves him.


Home, health, friends, and family….. If you want the blessings Tom Magrann has, do what Tom Magrann does.