The Parable of



Matthew 13:33


     Michelle was no ordinary baby.  Neither was she an ordinary child.  She came to earth with her own special set of blessings, and her family loved her dearly. 

     She was one in a million.  Actually, she was one in six hundred.  She had Down’s syndrome and, as typical of one of her kind, she was extremely affectionate and loving.  As a matter of fact, she was what brought love into the Robinson’s home.

     She was the youngest in her family by fourteen years.  Before Michelle, everyone pretty much went his or her own separate ways.  They all had their own busy lives, full of their own activities.  Each of the children had a talent that took them in different directions.  For one, it was sports; for another, it was art, and for the third, it was music.

     Both parents had to work to support their family, so they seldom crossed paths until dinnertime, and sometimes, not even then.  Although it was a loving family, they rarely told each other so.  It was Michelle that brought the hugs, kisses, and “I love you’s” into their family.  She enriched the entire family unit and enlarged the love.

     Her brother Will taught her to sing, and she loved to watch him play his guitar.  He didn’t even mind her interrupting him so she could try.  He would patiently show her how to be careful with the instrument, and by showing her how to dance, he could distract her enough that he could go back to playing.

     Her sister Judy taught her about colors and drawing paper.  They would sit together quietly for long periods drawing and coloring.  She taught Michelle how to be careful with her art supplies, and she bought a set of crayons of her own and kept her supplied with plenty of new coloring books.

     Her oldest brother Tony taught her how to play all kinds of sports.  He showed her how to throw a football, how to hit a baseball, and how to kick a soccer ball.  Since the family didn’t have much money, he used his own money to sign her up for T-ball, and they went in his car to all of her games.  He never missed a game, and cheered louder than anybody, and brought her back to the family with her riding on his shoulders, claiming victory, whether or not she actually won.

     Therefore it wasn’t surprising that Michelle grew to be a beloved child.  However, life can be fickle, and one day she disappeared.

     Her brothers thought she was with her sister, and her sister thought she was with her brothers.  Both parents were at work.  She was actually gone for two hours before anyone noticed.  Her sister was the first one to come to that realization, when Tony came home without her.

     “Michelle’s not with you?” she asked, alarmed.

     “No” answered Tony.  “I’ve been at baseball practice.  I came home to take her to her T-ball game.”

     “She must be with Will”, said Judy.  “He’s been playing his guitar in his room for quite some time”, she said.  “But I haven’t heard her since I’ve been home.”

     When they found that she was not there, the three of them frantically searched the whole house and back yard.  Then they split up and combed the neighborhood, yet Michelle could not be found.

     They called their parents, who left work at once.  The whole neighborhood knew and loved Michelle, and joined in the search.  The police and rescue teams also got involved.

     In a few hours, it was all over.  Michelle apparently found a new little spot in the woods behind her house and fell asleep.   A rescue worker carried her safely back to her relieved family.  As he appeared with her in his arms, all the neighbors cheered, and Michelle wondered what all the fuss was about.

     “Well, you certainly got everyone excited”, said the rescue worker to the little girl as he carried her home.  But as she tightened her little arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek, he understood how one little girl could win over a whole world with love.



A LITTLE LEAVEN  (Matthew 13:33)


      “The kingdom of heaven is like leaven, (yeast) which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened (enlarged).”