ADAM AND EVE:  Love At First Sight



     “How does my hair look?” said the young woman, fretfully adjusting a stray lock of hair.  “Should I wear it behind my ears or down?”

     “Both ways are good”, God said.

     “I think straight down is more coquettish”, the angel Gabriel said.

     “What does that mean?” said the woman.

     “Never mind that now”, God said.  “He’s waiting.”

     “I thought I’d greet him with one of my jokes”, she said.  “Either the one about the cat or the one about the banana tree…which one should I tell him first?”

     “You decide”, God said with a gentle smile.

      She sighed.  “You always say that!”

     “It’s time to go now.”

     “Wait a minute, I’m not ready!” she said.  “How are my nails?  Do you think they should be shorter?  Look, I broke one this morning.  Maybe I should trim them down.  Do you think he’ll notice?”

     “I think I can guarantee he won’t notice”, Gabriel said.

     “Do I have food stuck in my teeth?”  She flashed a brilliant white smile at the two of them. 

     “No”, said God.  “You are perfectly groomed.”  He opened the gate to the Garden.

     “If you think she is taking too much time to get ready”, said Gabriel aside to Heavenly Father, “Wait until they start in with clothes and make-up and perfume and jewelry.”

     “What was that?” said the woman, examining her nails.  “Were you talking to me?”

     “No”, God said firmly.  He looked at Gabriel.  “See if you can move her along”, He said.

     Gabriel snapped to attention.  “Young Miss, you are keeping everyone waiting.”  He took her arm in escort fashion.  “This way, my Lady”, he said with flourish, as he guided her to the entryway.   She straightened up and with a practiced gait, sauntered into the Garden. 

      The Man was pacing up and down several yards in front of them.  Heavenly Father pointed him out.  “Adam”, He called.

     The man jumped, and looked up at the trio walking up to him.

     “Adam”, said Heavenly Father, “this is your wife.  What will you call her?”

     Adam was staring at her with mouth agape.  “Huh?” he said, gulping.  “Oh, yes.  Her name.  I have decided to call her ‘Eve’, because she is to be the Mother of all living.”

     “Eve”, said Heavenly Father, “this is your husband, Adam.”  She glanced shyly up at him with a weak smile, but she stood quiet.

     Gabriel gave her a nudge and was about to speak, but Heavenly Father shook His head.  Gabriel released her arm and stepped back a few paces, allowing the couple some space to themselves.

     Eve began another inspection of her nails.  Adam tried to make eye contact, and with growing concern, looked over to Heavenly Father and the angel Gabriel.  They just smiled and shrugged.

     Adam took her hand gently in his and gave it a loving squeeze.  She squeezed his in return.

Encouraged, Adam raised his other hand up and wiggled his fingers.  She did the same.  This was met with a happy smile from Adam.  “Look!” he said to the pair standing nearby.  They nodded approvingly.

     He returned his attention to Eve, who now met his gaze.  “Watch this!” he said to Heavenly Father.  He raised his right foot up in the air; she did likewise.  His smile grew.  “Watch this!” he said, raising his other foot up in the air.  She matched his movements exactly.  “She can learn!” Adam said with unrestrained glee.  “Oh, Heavenly Father, I love her already!”

     Eve brightened up suddenly and rewarded Adam with her brilliant smile.  “Watch this!” she said, cheerfully.

     Adam’s jaw dropped as she launched into a lively tap-dance routine, and would have continued for some time, except Heavenly Father signaled for her to wrap it up.  Gabriel was obviously enjoying himself immensely.

    “We will leave these two alone to get acquainted”, Heavenly Father said.  Gabriel nodded, glancing over his shoulder at the pair as they departed.                                                                         

     “Well, said Adam, we’re alone now.”  He felt suddenly shy.

     “Yes”, Eve agreed, not able to meet his eyes again.  Instead, she began a tour of the Garden.                                                           

“Heavenly Father did not tell me much about you”, she said.  “What is it you do around here all day?”

     “Oh, I have many responsibilities, taking care of this Garden”, he said.  “One of my duties is to name each and every living creature that Heavenly Father sends to me.  Gabriel writes all of my decisions down in his book.  Look!” he said, pointing to a tiny dark creature with wings that zipped past his face.  “Gabriel said that he would be sending me the creatures of the air, starting today.”

     “What are you going to name that?” Eve asked, as the insect zoomed past them from the other direction.

     “Fly”, Adam said.

     “That makes sense”, Eve said.  Gabriel appeared from behind a tree, his massive tome balanced in one hand, and a feathered ink pen poised in the other.

     “Will you spell that with an ‘I’ or a ‘Y’?” Gabriel asked.

     “F-L-Y”, said Adam.  Eve beamed at him approvingly.  He suppressed a smile.

     “What about that one?” she said, pointing to a larger, slower creature with white wings, making lazy circles in the air.

     “That must be its Mother”, Adam said.  “I shall call it ‘Mother-fly.’ ”

     Gabriel shook his pen with frustration.  “Of all times to run out of ink…” he muttered.  He licked the tip of the pen and tried to write again.  “M-O-T-H…” he said.  “Wait here while I get another pen.”  He disappeared in an instant and reappeared a moment later.  “Where were we?” Gabriel said.

     “Oh, look!” Eve exclaimed.  A beautiful creature, larger than the first two, with bright orange wings, danced merrily in the air.

     Adam paused, scratching his chin.  “I think I shall call it ‘Better-fly’ ”, he said.

     Gabriel cocked his ear.  “What was that you said?  Butterfly?”  Adam and Eve didn’t hear; Adam was busy untangling a flower patch, while Eve had walked on ahead, enjoying the trees.

     “Butter-fly?” Gabriel said.  “Where does he get these names from?”

     “I’m hungry”, Eve said.  “What is there to eat around here?”

     “How about a nice piece of fruit?” came a voice from behind.


(...Continued in "The Forbidden Fruit")