ADAM AND EVE:  The Forbidden Fruit



     “How about a nice piece of fruit?” came a voice from behind her.  Eve turned around and Adam tossed her a ripe plum as they walked.

     “I’m hungry, too”, said the serpent.

     “You get your own food”, Adam chided.  This is all your fault.”

     “I was only trying to help”, said the serpent.

     “Eve sighed.  “Lets not fight about it anymore.  We can never go back to the Garden, so we’d better all learn to get along.”

     “That’s a good attitude”, said the serpent.

     “She’ll get over it”, said Adam.

     “Why don’t we start over?” said the serpent.

     “That’s easy for you to say”, said Adam.

     “I’ll make it up to you”, the serpent insisted.

    “What did you have in mind?” asked Eve.

     “I happen to know a lot of things you don’t know”, said the serpent.  “For instance, I know the layout of this land like the back of my hand.”

     “You don’t have hands… anymore”, Adam commented dryly.

     “That won’t stop me from biting you”, the serpent said, “if I have to.”

     “Are you really going to bite the hand that feeds you?” Adam said.  “I think not.”

     “I’ll bite you on the foot”, the serpent said.

     “Would you two settle down, please?” said Eve.

     “He started it”, Adam and the serpent said in unison.

     “I’m the one who started it”, said Eve.  “If it hadn’t been for me, we’d still be back in the Garden.”

     “Maybe you two would be”, said the serpent, “but not I.  It was only a matter of time before I would have had to leave anyway, and I would have been out here all by myself, forever.  Alone.”

     “How tragic”, said Adam.

     “Well, you didn’t have to come along”, said the serpent.  “Eve and I would have gotten along just fine.”

     “I think I’ll have serpent stew for dinner”, said Adam.

     “Look, I was doing you a favor”, said the serpent.  “You two were commanded to be fruitful and multiply.  The only way to do that was to eat that fruit.”

     “Come here”, Adam said, his fist balled up, “let me do you a favor.”

     “Very funny”, said the serpent.  “Because of me, you two will be able to have children.  You’ll thank me someday, but thanks are not necessary.  I was only doing my job.”

     “Come here”, Adam said.  I’d like to thank you right now.”

     “Adam”, Eve said.  “The serpent’s right.  Everything is as it should be.  It’s all part of the plan.”

     “I can’t believe you’re siding with him”, Adam said.

     “We were all disobedient for our own reasons”, Eve said.  “But we all have to learn to get along now.”

     Adam was grudgingly quiet.  

     “At least you two still have your bodies”, the serpent said.  “I was once a glorious star of the morning, standing on the right hand of God.  Then I became a fallen star, and now just look at me.”

     “I know you now”, said Eve.  “You are Lucifer, he who was cast out for rebellion.”

     “And now”, said Lucifer, “to add insult to injury, I’ve been cursed to remain in the form of a serpent for who knows how long.”

     “Your new body suits you”, said Adam.

     “I’m thirsty”, said Eve.  “We’d better find water soon, or we’ll have to use our rations.”

     “Now see?” said Lucifer.  “I can help already.  The closest water source is this way.”  He led the tired travelers to a beautiful oasis area with plenty of water and shelter and grazing areas for the domestic animals they brought with them.  There were also plenty of fields where they could plant crops with the seeds they carried.

     “It’s perfect”, said Eve.  “Adam, what do you think?”

     “It looks like we’re home” Adam nodded.

     “I’m glad you like it”, said Lucifer.  “It’s not the Garden of Eden, but it’s the best I could do.  Well, I guess you two want your privacy, so I’ll leave you alone.”

     “Where are you going?” Eve asked.

     “Oh, don’t worry about me”, said Lucifer.  “I’ll find a nice flat rock to live under.  I’ll be fine.”

     “Oh, no you don’t”, said Eve.  “You’re staying with us.”

     Adam groaned.  “Honey…”

     “There’s plenty of room”, Eve insisted.  “He won’t be under foot, will you, Lucifer?”

     “You won’t even know I’m here”, he said.

     Adam rolled his eyes.  But Lucifer made good on his word and promptly vanished from sight.

     “Where did he go?” said Adam.  “We were better off knowing where he was.”

     “Aw, sweetheart”, Eve said.  “Leave him alone.  After all, how much mischief can one little serpent get into?”