Arthur T. Magrann  (Parents)   PEDIGREE


BORN:  1899, Phila, PA

MARRIED:  about 1917

SPOUSE:  Margaret Mary Jordan

DIED:  1968 


CAREER:  A police Sgt. Detective for almost 30 years in Phila.



                    Veronica M. Magrann

                    Arthur T. Magrann, Jr.

                    Margaret Magrann

                    James Francis Magrann

                    Gerard Magrann

                    Thomas Magrann

                    Robert Magrann



Arthur used to live in a house that George Washington stayed at a lot; very
near where Washington crossed the Delaware.  It had a secret cellar to
allow soldiers to escape down to the river when the Brits came snooping
around.  They sealed it off cause they didn't want their grandkids going down there
when they were little.  

Census Records for Arthur