Elizabeth Schemm  (parents)         PEDIGREE                     

BORN:  July 29, 1949, Phila, PA

MARRIED:  Dec 10, 1966

SPOUSE:  Paul Daniel Dooley, Sr.


EDUCATION:  High School and Echo School

CAREER:  Cardiac Echo Technician

HOBBIES/INTERESTS:  Movies; I love to get part-time acting jobs.


                    Paul Daniel Dooley, Jr.

                    Elizabeth Dooley

                    Thomas Dooley

                    Richard Dooley

                    Bryan Dooley




Tell Us About Yourself

1.  What is you occupation?  Cardiac Echo Technician

2. What is your education?  High School and Echo School

3.  What are your hobbies and interests? Movies

4.  Have you done any volunteer work?  No. When I retire, I will

5.  Where have you traveled? Ireland and the Caribbean. I hope to visit every island. I love cruises.

6.  Have you had any memorable pets?  What did you love about them? Buster is my buddy. I also have three cats

7.  What do you hope your grandchildren will learn about life? Each generation has special strengths. Learn about their experiences from them and you will respect them even more.

8.  What are some special memories you have? My kids' weddings and Christmases

9.  What was the most memorable holiday your family has had, and why? We went to Wildwood every year and stayed in every motel there, mostly cheap.

10.  What was the happiest day of your life? Wheeling my kids in a coach up the avenue to get hot dogs at Kresge's. I had 3 in a coach and 2 walking.

11.  What are your goals (past, present, future)? Keep working until I am 66, then retire. I would like to work part time. I hope there is enough Social Security left for me!

12. What do you know NOW that you wish you had known THEN? How important education is.

13. What are some of your biggest blessings in life? Health, family, and 8 grandkids!

14. What are some of your happiest successes? Seeing my kids grow up to be successful and be good parents.

15. What was your favorite vacation? A cruise to St. Thomas and going to St. John, and swimming and snorkeling in Trunk Bay.