4.  Have you done any volunteer work?

Tracey Magrann:  My favorite charity is Heifer International, which will give free animal husbandry training and a starting batch of animals to families in third world countries.  For only $20, they will give one family six chickens, each female of which will lay about 200 eggs a year.  With the money they make from the extra eggs and chickens, the family can buy the other food they need, and pay for their children’s education.  At the end of the first year, the family must give six of their chickens to another family which Heifer will also train, and so on.  Therefore, with one $20 donation, one family PER YEAR will be lifted out of poverty!

     I also enjoy tutoring kids in various subjects, giving computer lessons, and helping senior citizens and the disabled.  For the American Red Cross, I am a CPR/First Aid instructor. 

Other things I do fairly regularly include collecting small, new toys for Spencer’s Treasures, which gives them to kids in the hospital who have to go in for painful treatments.  I recently put together donated items for hygiene kits for the Tsunami victims.  Project Linus is another charity I work for, arranging quilting parties to encourage others to make homemade blankets for kids who are in orphanages, hospitals, or have lost their parent or their home to fire, flood, or earthquake.  I found all of these charities on Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Network website.  It is very rewarding!

Thomas J. Magrann II (II): Coached kids in boxing, football, and baseball.  Served 16+ years on the Homeowner's Board of Directors as Treasurer, President, and Head of the painting committee.