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How this website began:


I spent all this Springtime of 2005 entering your family's genealogy into my website, not knowing if I would ever even find any of you to tell you about it!
My brother, Thomas "Mac" Magrann married Rhea Ziegler.  She gave me a stack of her family history papers she had in a folder in the closet and asked if I would organize it into a nice coffee table book.  She has lots of information on her relatives in the Ziegler, Schlichte, and Lanane lines, so I added them to our MagrannClan website.
I update the site as often as someone gives me a new tidbit.  The Slick Schlichte and Lanane Lane sites are very new, so if you guys want to submit more genealogy info, please do so!
You can get as fancy as you want.  Look at my father's personal page at the direct link below to give you some ideas of how nice I can do it (All for free of charge!).  Remember, our website might be available for our descendants hundreds of years from now, as long as someone keeps paying the annual dues!  It's the only way they will know about our PERSONALITIES, and who we ARE.
Your family might also want to submit some extras like we have on the MagrannClan homepage: writings, songs, trophies, awards, artwork, funny stories, etc.  Send in your answers to the "Our Personalities" questions, too, and I could also use LOTS of photos!  If someone has a child or ANYONE that I can feature on your own homepage who had a newsworthy event occur, send me a photo and a description, and I'll post it and let your clan know by email that there is family news.   If you want to send me your email address I'll be able to let you know about your family news items as they are submitted.
 If you want to add more details on your kids, I'll start a new page for each of them.  I usually wait until I at least have a birth date before I create a new page.  Let the rest of your relatives know about the site, and if any of them want their personal info deleted, (like an ex-spouse), I understand.  I kept ex-spouses in when there was a child involved, but if it's a touchy subject, just let me know.
Click here for my Dad's link to use as a sample