James John Magran    (Parents)      PEDIGREE                                                


BORN:  1863, Kellyville, PA

MARRIED:  About 1872

SPOUSE:  Ann Magran

DIED:  About 1940






                            Augustine Magran

                            William Magran

                            John Magran


NOTES:  This data might not be for right James John Magran.  Information was obtained on census records, and the last name is spelled without two n's.  However, the below painting is of the proper James John Magrann.

Tom Jr., John, Peter and James owned a textile mill at 24th & Green Sts. in Phila. and later moved the mill to Mascher & Turner Sts. in Phila. The brothers’ mill operation had 150 looms (a fairly large operation) that consisted of weaving, beaming, twisting, and winding. Tom and John eventually split the business with Pete and Jim. All went broke. He lived at 2414 Callowhill, then 1740 Howard Street, and then 1743 Mascher Street, in Phila.