Kenneth Ziegler     Parents     





BORN:  Sep 3, 1923, Connersville, IN


MARRIED:  Dec 20, 1945 (D)


SPOUSE:  Rose Ellen Schlichte      


DIED:  Sep 3, 1923






                        Rhea Suzanne Ziegler

                        Renee Ann Ziegler




Ken was a Naval Aviator specialist and Jet Test Pilot.  He was the Naval Executive officer of the USS Independence.  After 28 years of service, he retired as Lt. Commander.
Upon graduation of Naval Air Intelligence School in Washington, D.C., he was assigned to the USS Independence, the largest aircraft carrier of its time.  He was a classified Intelligence officer in Washington, D.C. for the Defense Department during the Kennedy Administration, especially during the “Bay of Pigs”.
In 2002, Ken was awarded the much-esteemed Travel Certificate for having traveled in ALL 314 countries and territories on the entire country list.  Out of a world-wide membership of 2000, he is one of only six people to have achieved this. 
Attaining this honor was no simple task!  He accomplished it with 81 cruises, 5 trips to the Antarctica, cruising through the Northwest Passage, and reached the North Pole aboard a Russian Nuclear Ice Breaker.


My grandmother and Ken were first cousins.  Most of my branch of the family is gone now.  So it is with the deepest respect I offer you these memories.

I have such fond memories of Ken!  When I was school age I always went to the Reunion in Connersville with my Grandmother Faye Kumkoski and my Aunt Margie Castetter who was her youngest sister.  Ken and his brother (I think Norbert maybe) were always there and took particular joy along with my Aunt Margie in driving my Grandmother nuts.  They would harmlessly flirt with Aunt Margie and of course she was in on the game too and gave it right back!  My Grandmother prided herself on being very ‘proper’ and so they could not resist a chance to get a dig in.  And Ken was always such a handsome man; so genuinely personable.  To a little girl he was bigger than life.

I loved to sit and listen as they told stories of past reunions and get togethers.  Of people then long gone; creating pictures as vivid to me as if I was there.  Of Aunt Mag’s (Holtleiter) great cooking, Aunt Bena’s (Lanane) larger than life smiles and hugs, and the fun and tricks played on each other and the other cousins.  It was obvious when they were kids, it was a common thing to be together.  And the boys were particularly creative when it came to mischief!  I think it’s easy for us to forget our parents and grandparents were kids themselves once.  And kids they were; up to the very end.

I remember one year in Connersville Ken gave my son (Scott was maybe 10 then; he’s 30 now) a model airplane he had in his car.  He told Scott this was a model of the plane he test flew.  Scott still has that plane today.

Ken was among the last of that great generation within our family.  He has been and will be missed until we are all together again with our Father in heaven.

God Bless.

Tammy Vanzo