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Descendants of Thomas Lanane

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1. Thomas Lanane (b. Abt 1800-Cork County, Ireland)

  sp: Hannah Holloran (b. Abt 1800-Cork County, Ireland)

    2. Martin Lanane (b.1823-Dublin, Ireland)

      sp: Mary Collins (b.1842-Gallaway, Ireland)

         3. Patrick Lanane (b.1857-OH)

         3. Thomas Lanane (b.1859-OH)

           sp: Kate Kenny (b. 1867-IN)

             4. Edward Lanane (b. 1887-IN)

             4. Mamie Lanane (b. 1889-IN)

               sp: Conrad Wewe (b. 1889-IN)

                 5. Bernard Wewe (b. 1917-IN)

                   sp: Catherine Bender (b.1909-IN)

                     6. Donald Wewe (b.1939-IN)

                       sp: Carol Moore (b. 1942-IN)

                          7. Renee Wewe (b.1979, IN)

                5. Thomas Wewe (b.1920-IN)

                  sp: Edith B. Smith (b.1921-IN)

                5. Herbert Wewe (b.1922-IN)

                  sp: Twylo Larent (b.1929-lN)

                     6. Robert Wewe (b.1951-IN)

                       sp: Pat Wewe (b.1950-lN)

                          7. Tammy Wewe (b.1973- IN)

                          7. Crystal Wewe (b.1976-IN)

                          7. Sheely Wewe (b.1981-IN)

                    6. John Wewe (b.1954-IN)

                      sp: Chris Wewe (b.1959-IN)

                         7. Jason Wewe (b.1981-IN)

                   6. Paul Wewe (b.1956)

                      sp: Joyce Wewe (b.1956-IN)

                         7. Chastity Wewe (b.1974-IN)

                         7. Nicholas Wewe (b.1977-IN)

                   6. Stephen Wewe (b.1960-IN)

                      sp: Donna Wewe (b. 1960-IN)

                   6. Martin Wewe (b.1962-IN)

               5.  Martin Wewe (b. 1925-IN)

               5. Howard Joseph Wewe (b.1927-IN)

                 sp: Mary Tischouich (b. Jan 1929-IN)

               5. Harold Wewe (b.1927-IN)

         4. Leo Lanane (b. 1891-IN)

     3. Mary Lanane (b.1860-IN)

       sp: Tom Collins (b. 1860-IN)

         4. William Collins (b. 1881-IN)

         4. Joseph Collins (b. 1883-IN)

           sp: Pearl Collins (b. 1883-IN)

        4. Mae Collins (b. 1885-IN)

          sp: Al Thieman (b. 1885-IN)

             5. Donald Thieman (b. 1906-lN)

             5. Keith Thieman (b. 1908-IN)

        4. Paul Collins (b. 1890-IN)

    3. Bridget Lanane (b.1861-IN)

3. Timothy Lanane (b.1863-PA)

   sp: Lizzie Deffner (b. 1863-PA)

        4. Elenora M. Lanane (b.1895 IN)

         sp: Raymond B. Ziegler (b.1889 IN)

             5. Norbert Ziegler (b.1920-lN)

               sp: Linda Moses (b. 1916-IN)

             5. Francis Ziegler (b.1921-IN)

               sp: Augusta Ziegler (b.1920-lN)

             5. Kenneth Ziegler (b. 1923 IN)

               sp: Rose Ellen Schlichte (Div)

                   6. Rhea Suzanne Ziegler (b.1953 CA)

                     sp: Kevin James Cuthbertson (Div)

                         7. Royale Summer Ziegler (b.1983, CA)

                     sp: Thomas Joseph Magrann III (b.1948 PA)

                         7. Molly Rose Magrann (b.1988, CA)

                  6. Renee Ann Ziegler (b.1958, NY)

                     sp: Kevin Periera (Div)

                         7. Regan Renee Periera (b.1986,CA)

        4. Dellah Lanane (b.1899-IN)

           sp: Oscar Moffett (b.1899-IN)

             5. Barbara Moffett (b. 1922-IN)

               sp: Herschel Huff (b. 1922-IN)

                 6. Lana Lou Huff (b.1941-IN)

                    sp: George A. Miller (b. 1941-IN)

                 6. Michael Huff (b.1948-IN)

                    sp: Jane Huff (b. 1948-IN)

                        7. Scott Huff (b.1979-IN)

    3. Hannah Lanane (b.1865-IN)

    3. Kate Lanane (b.1867-lN)

       sp: Joseph Frey (b.1871-IN)

         4. Carl Frey (b.1912-IN)

           sp: Dorothy Frey (b. 1912-IN)

              5. Mary Evelyn Frey (b. 1933-IN)

              5. Roger Frey (b. 1935-IN)

                sp: Mary Ellyn (b. 1937-IN)

                   6. John Frey (b.1966-lN)

                   6. Mary Joy Frey (b.1967-IN)

                   6. Michael Frey (b.1970-IN)

              5. Annette Frey (b. 1937-IN)

              5. Richard Frey (b. 1939-IN)

                sp: Janice Frey (b. 1939-IN)

              5. Larry Frey (b. 1940-IN)

                sp: Phyllis Frey (b. 1940-lN)

                  6. Joseph Frey (b.1964-lN)

                  6. Anthony Frey (b.1965-lN)

                    sp: Linda Frey (b. 1965-IN)

                        7. Bradley Frey (b.1984-IN)

                  6. Mary Beth Frey (b.1967-IN)

                  6. William Frey (b.1968-lN)

                  6. Amy Frey (b.1972-IN)

             5. Barbara Frey (b. 1941-IN)

               sp: Ray Buelterman (b. 1941 -IN)

                  6. Theresa Buelterman (b.1963-IN)

                     sp: Craig Baston (b. 1963-IN)

                  6. Sharon Buelterman (b.1964-IN)

                     sp: Ron Hosbrook (b. 1964-lN)

                       7. Ryan Hosbrook (b.1983-IN)

                  6. Peggy Buelterman (b.1965-IN)

                     sp: UNKNOWN

                       7. Eric Buelteman (b.1983-IN)

                  6. Timothy Buelterman (b.1968-lN)

                  6. Stephen Buelterman (b. 1 976-IN)

             5. Robert Frey (b. 1942-IN)

             5. Carol Frey (b. 1943-IN)

               sp: Tom Treinen (b. 1943-lN)

                  6. Arthur Treinen (b.1966.IN)

                  6. Andrew Treinen (b.1968-lN)

                  6. Aaron Treinen (b.1971-IN)

             5. Ginny Frey (b. 1944-IN)

               sp: Tom Zinser (b. 1944-IN)

             5. Kenneth Frey (b. 1945-IN)

             5. Charles Frey (b. 1945-IN)

               sp: Mrs. Charles Frey (b. 1945-lN)

                 6. Edgar Charles Frey (b.1969-IN)

             5. Joseph Frey (b.1947-IN)

             5. Mary Lou Frey (b. 1948-IN)

   3. Martin Victor Lanane (b.1869-IN)

    sp: Ann Farmer (b. 1869-IN)

      4. Charles Lanane (b. 1890-IN)

      4. Fern Lanane (b. 1892-IN)

        sp: Howard Shields (b. 1892-IN)

             5. Ross Shields (b. 1913-IN)

                sp: Bobby Shields (Div)

                   6. Teghue Shields (b. 1935-IN)

                      sp: Debbie Shields (b. 1935-IN)

                          7. Martin Shields (b. 1956-IN)

                            sp: Yong Ju (b. 1915-USA)

                   6. Cynthia Shields (b. 1951-IN)

   sp: Nan Conners (b. 1869-IN)

      4. Thomas Joseph Lanane (b.1912-lN)

        sp: Mildred Staub (b.191 3-IN)

            5. Dennis Lanane (b.1935-IN)

               sp: Janet Knotts (b. 1938-IN)

                   6. Jeff Lanane (b.1955-IN)

                      sp: Jeanine Lanane (Div)

                   6. Bill Lanane (b.1959-IN)

                   6. Kelly Lanane (b.1964-IN)

            5. Thomas Lanane (b. 1937-IN)

              sp: Marjorie Lanane (b. 1937-lN)

            5. Kathi Lanane (b.1953-IN)

                sp: Gary Solid (Div)

                   6. Matthew Solid (b.1972-IN)

                   6. Mark Solid (b. 1978-IN)

                sp: Mike Reed (Div)

                sp: Leon Wasicewski (b. 1951-lN)

                   6. Benjamin Wasicewski (b. 1975-IN)

             5. Michael Lanane (b. 1955-IN)

                sp. Teresa L. Lanane

                    6.  Jason Thomas Lanane (1976)

                    6. Joseph Michael Lanane (1990)

                    6. Rachel E. Bolling (1982)

       4. Virginia Lanane (b.1917-IN)

         sp: Ray Grimm (b.1912-IN)

             5. Phillip Ray Grimm (b.1942-IN)

               sp: Mrs. Phillip Ray Grimm (b. 1942-IN)

                   6. Deborah Ann Grimm (b.1963-IN)

                   6. Christine Marie Grimm (b.1966-IN)

             5. Nancy Ann Grimm (b.1947-IN)

               sp: Albert Anton (b. 1947-lN)

                   6. Jonathan Anton (b.1982-IN)

                   6. Jeremy Anton (b.1982-IN)

                     sp: Julie Broderick (b. 1869-IN)

  3. John Lanane (b.1871-IN)

    sp: Effie Doty (b. 1871-IN)

      4. Firman Lanane (b. 1892-IN)

        sp: Dorothy Lanane (b. 1892-lN)

             5. Richard Lanane (b. 1913-IN)

             5. Patricia Lanane (b. 1915-IN)

     4. Forrest Paul Lanane (b. 1894-IN)

         sp: Vera Lanane (b. 1894-lN)

              5. Velma Lanane (b. 1915-IN)

                sp: Walter Karg (b. 1915-IN)

              5. Patricia Lanane (b. 1917-IN)

                sp: Paul Davison (b. 1917-IN)

                   6. Lisa Davison (b.1962-IN)

         sp: Katherine Etherington (b. 1894-lN)

      4. Virgil Lanane (b. 1896-IN)

        sp: Vera Savage (b. 1896-IN)

      4. George Lanane (b. 1898-IN)

        sp: Margie Lanane (b. 1898-IN)

             5. Donald Lanane (b. 1939-IN)

                 sp. Vickie Carole Isom (D)

                     6. Michelle Lanane (b. 1961)

                    sp. Jeffrey Ramsouer

                      7. Kylie (b. 1997)

                           7. Karly (b. 1999)

                   6. Lisa Lanane (b. 1963)

                    sp. Pierre Ferland

                       7. Howard

                          7. Christopher

             5. Jeanne Lanane  (b. 1922-IN)

               sp: Frank Van Dorens (b. 1922-IN)

  3. Samuel Lanane (b.1872-IN)

    sp: Bena Mason (b.1877-IN)

      4. Hazel Lanane (b.1904-IN)

        sp: Harry Ritzi (b.1898-IN)

             5. Virginia Ritzi (b.1927-IN)

               sp: Jack Whitehead (b.  1927-IN)

                    6. Windy Whitehead (b. 1950-IN)

                    6. Susie Whitehead (b. 1952-IN)

             5. Joan Ritzi (b.1930-IN)

               sp: Harry Pargeterer (b. 1930-lN)

                    6. Cecilia Pargeterer (b. 1952-IN)

                    6. Mary Beth Pargeterer (b. 1954-IN)

                    6. Paul Pargeterer (b. 1956-IN)

                sp: Mr. Kerns (b. 1930-IN)

             5. June Ritzi (b.1933-IN)

                sp: Verdie Stanley (b. 1933-lN)

                    6. Cindy Stanley (b. 1955-IN)

                    6. June Stanley (b. 1957-IN)

                    6. Bryan Stanley (b. 1959-IN)

      4. Horace Lanane (b.1907-lN)

        sp: Aluina Lang (b. 1907-lN)

            5. Neil Lanane (b. 1931-OH)

              sp: Jane Ann Redelman Lanane (b. 1939-IN)

                  6. Christopher Lanane (b. 1957-IN)

                     sp. Diana

                         7. Jeffrey Christopher Lanane (b. 1987-IN) 

                        7. Samuel Jacob Lanane (b. 1987-IN) 

                        7. Aidana Lanane (b. 1997-Russia) 

                        7. Raushan Lanane (b. 1997-Russia) 

                 6. Patrick Neil Lanane (b. 1960-IN)

                 6. Angela Lanane (b. 1961-IN)

                     sp. Brian Johnson 

                 6. Rita Lanane (b. 1963-IN)

                     sp. Jeff Bittner 

                         7. Jeremy Holiday Bittner (b. 1987-IN)

                           sp. Katie 

                         7. Jordon Patrick Bittner (b. 1990-IN) 

                         7. Angela Kathleen Bittner (b. 1994-IN) 

         5. Gene Lanane (b. 1930-IN)

          sp: Mrs. Gene Lanane (b. 1930-lN)

                 6. Kim Lanane (b. 1952-IN)

                 6. Steve Lanane (b. 1954-IN)

     4. Clarabelle Lanane (b. 1910-IN)

       sp: Ray Nix (b. 1910-IN)

            5. Natalie Nix (b. 1942-IN)

              sp: Jim Cuniffe (b.1939-lN)

                   6. Kirby Cuniffe (b.1964-IN)

                   6. Brent Cuniffe (b.1971-IN)

                   6. Kristen A. Cuniffe (b.1982-IN)

            5. Dwight Nix (b. 1944-IN)

            5. Merrill Nix (b. 1946-IN)

  3. William Lanane (b.1875-IN)

  3. William D. Lanane (b.1877-IN)

    sp: Carolyn E. Kenna (b.1879-IN)

       4. Faye Margaret Lanane (b.1904-IN)

         sp: Alexander Francis Kumkoski (b.1900-IN)

             5. William Francis Kumkoski (b.1929-IN)

                 sp: Madonna Abel (b.1929-IN)

                     6. Mark Alexander Kumkoski (b.1968-IN)

             5. Thomas Gordon Kumkoski (b.1935-IN)

                  sp: Patricia Leap (b.1939-IN)

                     6. Tamre Anne Kumkoski (b.1958-IN)

                        sp: Greg Vanzo (b.1954-IN)

                            7. Scott Anthony Vanzo (b.1978-IN)

                  sp: Nancy Rushton (b. 1935-IN)

       4. Winifred Lanane (b.1906-IN)

         sp: John William Wyatt (b.1905-lN)

             5. Rosemary Lanane Wyatt (b.1941-IN)

       4. Marjorie Helen Lanane (b.1909-IN)

          sp: Alfred Keeler Castetter (b.1907-IN)

             5. Gregory Keeler Castetter (b.1935-IN)

                 sp: Leeta Louise Carender (b. 1936-IN)

                     6. John Gregory Castetter (b.1964-IN)

                     6. Thomas Robert Castetter (b.1967-IN)

  3. Joseph Lanane (b.1879-IN)

     sp: Minnie Bibee (b. 1879-IN)

        4. Merl Lanane (b.1908-IN)

        4. Robert Lanane (b.1912-IN)

           sp: Beverly Arnold (b.1913-IN)

               5. Robert Lanane II (b. 1936-IN)

                  sp: Jeanne Pauey (Div)

                     6. Lana Lanane (b. 1957-IN)

                        sp: Beverly Thomas (Div)

                     6. Robert Lanane III (b.1973-IN)

                     6. Teddy Lanane (b.1975-IN)

                        sp: Jennifer Henning (b.1955-IN)

               5. Joyce Lanane (b.1939-IN)

                 sp: William Finney (b. 1938-lN)

                      6. Juliane Finney (b.1959-IN)

                      6. Brice Finney (b.1960-IN)

                      6. Manbeth Finney (b.1962-IN)

                      6. Cherlyn Finney (b.1964-IN)

                      6. Jacob Finney (b.1971-IN)

                5. Linda Lanane (b.1944-IN)

                  sp: Breece Banter (b.1942-IN)

                       6. Chad Banter (b.1964-IN)

                       6. Eric Banter (b.1966-IN)

                       6. Michelle Banter (b.1972-IN)

                5. Cindy Lanane (b.1949-IN)

                5. Vicki Lanane (b.1953-IN)

                  sp: Gary Lierman (b. 1953-IN)

         4. Margaret Lanane (b.1914-IN)

           sp: Glen Yattaw (b.1916-IN)

               5. Mary Ann Yattaw (b.1942-IN)

                 sp: Tom Schinke (b. 1942-IN)

                      6. Melissa Schinke (b.1968-IN)

                      6. Koleen Schinke (b.1970-IN)

                      6. Kristen Schinke (b.1970-IN)

               5. Dennis Yattaw (b.1947-IN)

               5. Nancy Jo Yattaw (b.1958-IN)

         4. Joseph Lanane (b.1919-IN)

           sp: Mildred (Minnie) Schafer (b.1919-IN)

               5. Patrick Lanane (b.1951-IN)

                  sp: Nancy Reichard (b.1952-IN)

                      6. Emily Lanane (b.1976-IN)

                      6. Amber Lanane (b.1980-IN)

               5. Timothy Lanane (b.1952-IN)

                 sp: Cynthia Dawson (b.1953-IN)

                      6. Angelique Lanane (b.1972-IN)

                      6. Catherine Lanane (b. 1980-IN)

                      6. Meaghan Lanane (b.1989)

               5. Christopher T. Lanane (b.1956-IN)

                  sp: Christine Hannon (b.1953-IN)

                      6. Andrew Christopher Lanane (b.1986-IN)

                      6. Matthew Michael Lanane (b. 1988-IN)

               5. Maureen Lanane (b.1959-IN)

                  sp: Richard Pomerant (b. 1959-lN)

  3. Margaret Lanane (b.1881-IN)

     sp: John Holtzleiter (b.1881-IN)

         4. Lyle Holtzleiter (b. 1907-IN)

         4. Mary Jean Holtzleiter (b.1913-lN)

         4. Paul John Holtzleiter (b.1915-IN)

           sp: Juanita Cookman (b.1919-IN)

                5. Roger E. Holtzleiter (b.1942-IN)

                   sp: Mary Ann Roben (b. 1943-IN)

                        6. Philip Holtzleiter (b.1964-IN)

                        6. Rita Jean Holtzleiter (b.1965-IN)

                        6. Stephen Joseph Holtzleiter (b.1971-IN)

                        6. Thomas Paul Holtzleiter (b.1974-IN)

                5. Karel Sue Holtzleiter (b.1947-IN)

                   sp: Kenneth W. Mendenhall (b.1942-lN)

                        6. Kenna Marie Mendenhall (b. 1980-IN)

                5. Jon Clement Holtzleiter (b.1949-IN)

                   sp: Becky Lou Shepler (b.1950-IN)

                        6. Jason Sean Holtzleiter (b.1975-IN)

                        6. Brian Matthew Holtzleiter (b.1977-IN)

                        6. Darren Michael Holtzleiter (b.1981-IN)

                5. Karen Renee Holtzleiter (b.1957-IN)

                   sp: David Paul Bergstrom (b.1957-IN)

                        6. Rachael Anne Bergstrom (b.1980-IN)

                            sp: Kenneth Wendell (Casey) Crabb (b.1980-IN)

                        6. Anthony David Bergstrom (b.1981-IN)

                          sp. Lin Tan 

                        6. John Paul Bergstrom (b.1983-IN)

          4. Kenneth Holtzleiter (b.1918-IN)

             sp: Catherine Junkersfeld (b.1922-IN)

                  5. Stephen Holtzleiter (b.1951-IN)

                     sp: Beverly Holtzleiter (Div)

                         6. Laura Holtzleiter (b. 1972-IN)

                         6. Eric Holtzleiter (b. 1974-IN)

                  5. Vincent Holtzleiter (b.1953-IN)

                     sp: Brenda Fitzwater (b.1958-IN)

                          6. Angela Holtzleiter (b.1980-IN)

                          6. Amber Michelle Holtzleiter (b.1982-IN)

                          6. Tracy Marie Holtzleiter (b.1983-IN)

                  5. Paula Holtzleiter (b.1957-IN)

                      sp: Allan Chapman (b.1954-IN)

                          6. Joshua Chapman (b.1979-IN)

                          6. Jason Chapman (b.1981-IN)

                          6. Matthew Chapman (b.1984-IN)

                   5. David Holtzleiter (b.1958-IN)