First, I think we are off on the number of years.  I ran into some data typed out by Greg Castetter, son of Marjorie Lanane Castetter, youngest daughter of William D Lanane.  Prior to his death he had done research at several sites and produced this info.

He has our first reunion as 1918 at Brookville , IN.   That would make the reunion we just had 88.  The reunion book we work from today show it as 89.  I was always told, but have no proof of, that during the first and second world wars there were some years where the reunion was skipped.  I can not prove that either way.  We will be celebrating the 2007 reunion as year 90.

Either way it’s real close!  We had a great day this year at Mounds State Park on September 17th.  The weather was great and Jeff Lanane, son of Mike Lanane, grandson of TJ Lanane, did a super job of running the show this year.  The water balloons were the bomb with the kids!  It’s hard to imagine but the food gets better every year!  The park had an Archeology day going on, so our kids also had a chance to unearth arrow heard and dinosaur bones along with a dozen other activity stations set up. 

I have a series of pictures coming for you and I will try to get some names on there for you also.  I would look for Denny or Mike Lanane to also send you info.

I also ran into this in case there is a place to put it.  It again comes from Greg Castetter’s work from the 1980’s:

Martin Lanane’s wife Mary Collins was born to a couple name Walsh (no first names, sorry).  Greg had worked with Father Holloran and believed that when Mary’s father died, (famine or disease were the likely cause & this would have been in the later 1840’s) her mother remarried a man named Holloran.  Note Martin’s mother was a Holloran (Hannah) so it is not a stretch to imagine they all knew each other.   Mary’s mother and Mr. Holloran had a son, which would be Mary’s half brother.  Prior to coming to American in 1856, Mary’s mother and her stepfather died.  Likely disease or famine.  When that happened, she went to live with Tim & Bridget Collins in Dublin .  She likely knew Martin before that because of the family link through Hannah.  Her half brother went to live with the Holloran side of the family.  That half brother is where Fr. Holloran’s heritage comes from.

It was not clear to Greg whether they had married before leaving for America or married on the boat.  They entered America at the port of Philadelphia in 1856.  They traveled with friends and family and found work in Cincinnati .  The first 2 boys were born in Ohio .  In 1859 the family of 4 moved to Franklin County in Indiana , to a small crossroads community of Pisgah, Springfield Township .  I was told by my grandmother this was to work the Brookville Canal .

Additional info on the original 14 kids:

Patrick – died 10/14/1879

Thomas – died in Liberty , IN   This is our link to the great Wewe clan.

Mary – died 12/13/1926 in Hamilton , OH     I am not sure any of her clan survives today?

Bridget – took vows as Sr. Angelina entering the convent at Oldenburg , IN – my grandmother always told me she was frail and not expected to live long – that’s why she joined the convent instead of marrying.  She died 6/30/1882

Timothy – Greg’s notes show he is buried in Connersville , IN   This as you know is our link to the great Zeigler clan.

Hannah – died 7/2/1887 due to an accident in a swing

Kate – shows buried in Cincinnati , OH .  This is where the great Frey clan comes from.  My grandmother said they were incredible farmers, had massive farms (for that time), and could grow anything they put their minds to.

Martin Victor – shows buried in St Mary’s cemetery in Anderson , IN.

John – shows he died in Anderson , IN.   His wife, Aunt Effie, was 1 of my grandmother’s 3 favorite aunts.

Samuel – shows he died in Brookville , IN.   His wife Aunt ‘Beanie’ was her favorite aunt.

William (Willie) – died 6/26/1876 in infancy.

William D – died in Anderson , IN

Joseph – died in Anderson , IN

Margret – died in Anderson , IN.   This is our link to the great Holtzleiter clan.  My grandmother told me she could remember great feasts at the hands of Aunt Mag.  She had big strong boys who were also successful farmers and knew how to eat!  They had hearts as big as they were!

I also have a copy of a mysterious document Greg had passed to my grandmother.  It is a copy of a Passenger’s Contract Ticket for a Lanane who came to the America .  The first name is not legible enough for me to quote – perhaps Grantin?  The first letters are the worst – but the ‘antin’ is clear.  He was 26 at the time and this was 5/23/1851.  He was to sail on 5/28/1851 to the port of New York on the ship Princeton, a 1000 ton burthen ship leaving from Liverpool England .  He paid the sum of 3 pounds, 5 shillings.  The ship’s captain was John Taylor Crook.  As a part of the agreement, each passenger was to receive during their passage the following items detailed on the contract:

Suitable place to cook

3 quarts of water each day

and per week:

2 ˝ lbs of bread or biscuits – not inferior quality to Navy biscuits

1 lb of wheaten flour

5 lbs of oatmeal – which could be substituted by 5 lbs of potatoes

2 lbs of rice – which could also be substituted by potatoes

˝ lb of sugar

˝ lb of molasses

2 oz of tea


Perhaps it was this relative that Martin and Mary followed to America 5 years later?