Doors (Jeff Kintz)

"Today is a new day.

Yet, it’s the same as yesterday.

I woke up, went to class, went to work, and came back home.

It’s my normal routine;

School, work, rest.

School, work, rest.

I go to school for my degree

and wonder what will become of me.

At work, I lend a genuine smile and a joke here and there.

I go out of my way to bring a smile to another.

I don’t mind it,

I enjoy it actually.

Nothing brings more joy than a smile.

But even behind my smile I wonder,

"How many open doors have I walked by?

How many times did I go down the left path when I should have gone down the right path?

How many opportunities have I given up for the fear of taking risks?

It’s time to break the mold and create a new one!

It’s time to tear down the wall of fear that surrounds me!

It’s time to burst the balloon of fear that I fell back on as a justification for my excuses!

Perhaps I chose to live my repititive life. But I also decided to stand up and change.

The next open door won’t be closed as I walk by it,

it will be closed after I walk through it."


Here is a poem I wrote that was published:

Tomorrow's Dream(Jeff Kintz)

"Everyone needs a dream

that allows the imagination to grow

and flow smoothly like a stream

as we look foward to tomorrow.

A dream is to be an astronaut on the moon.

A dream is to be an innovative tycoon.

A dream is to make a difference.

A dream is to go the distance.

A dream is something your heart sees

and something that may appease.

A dream is something to keep alive.

A dream is something not to deprive.

A dream keeps the world turning

and gives us new ways for exploring.

But if your dream doesn't come true,

never give up,

it can affect both me and you.

This is just another day,

but tomorrow can carry your dreams

as long as you dream today."