Read record labels, age of two

How he did it, Iíve no clue


Collected pennants as a lad

You should see how many he had


Played football and baseball while in school

Touch-downs and homeruns were the rule


In high school he was a chess master

Those who challenged faced disaster


Outstanding when it comes to math

Accounting always was his path


Dungeon Master, D & D

His adventures were for free


For Amway he was a distributor

His family were all contributors


Then he sold make-up for ladies

Even nice car seats for babies


Heís a wiz on the computer

Doesnít even need a tutor


Survived the Sylmar fire, too

Came out without repairs to do


But the Sylmar earthquake got him

Just a bit from top to bottom


He never was a trouble-maker

Instead, he is a good caretaker


He signed up to be a Big Brother

To the son of a single mother


He never leaves his house alone

Brings homemade cookies when visiting home


Heís a sibling like no other

Iím proud to say he is MY BROTHER