Started out a breach of birth

Now a Deacon in his church


Beware of every first of month

He will give you pinch and punch


You will have to draw the line

Because he’ll get you every time


Loves to work and loves to play

Till it’s time to hit the hay


All week long he treats and heals

Week-ends find him on 4-wheels


Loves to play with Fooz-ball goalies

While his jukebox plays the oldies


People ask if he’s insane

Parachuting from a plane


Country music brings him joy

‘Cause in his heart, he’s all cowboy


He played drums but not the tuba

And he’s certified at scuba


As a podiatrist, he’s the “Bomb”

Learned it from our Uncle John


The best to keep you on your feet

The nicest guy you’ll ever meet


Loyal patients, loyal staff

Knows what he’s doing at his craft


No patient’s needs too great or small

Will even do a nice house call!


His patients are his biggest fans

Because he gives them free exams


He taught Practice Management

Throughout the country, he was sent


For public speaking, he was meant

People flocked where ‘ere he went


“Setting and Achieving Goals”

Was popular with people polled.


Father, son, and grandpa, too

You’d think he had enough to do


I’m sure you’ve heard he’s quite a runner

He must think there’s nothing funner


When running on a marathon

He can really move along


How he does it, I’m not sure

But he really can endure


Proved he has just what it takes

To ace the run of Western States


To Hawaii, he has gone

And finished the Triathlon


Biking, running, ocean swim

He somehow finished with a grin


He’s a sibling like no other

I’m proud to say he is MY BROTHER