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MY MOTHER (Mary Jane Earley)

By Tracey Magrann



Her folks came from Ireland on the boat

Speaking Gaelic, that’s no joke


One of nine girls, just one boy

When he was born, they jumped for joy


The girls all made a softball team

And basketball, too, it seems


Since there was only one little brother

They’d have to dance just with each other


She was, before their wedding date

Always Earley, sometimes late


As newlyweds, they needed money

She welded airplanes—I think that’s funny


In labor, she had to take a bus

And wade through snow to deliver us


For some moms, working is a “must”

But our Mom was always home with us


She taught me how to tie my shoes

Because they kept on coming loose


When Dad came home, I was proud to say

“Mom taught me how to tie my shoes today!”


Over a hot stove, she had to slave

Until they invented the microwave


Dinner for four in just five minutes flat

Already done?  Imagine that!


On holidays, believe you, me

Our house was quite a sight to see


Decorated wall to wall

Bought out King of Prussia Mall


The house always smelled nice, too

From perfume, incense, or beef stew


When invited to another’s home

She would never leave alone:


She always brought a hostess gift

Wrapped and ready in a jiff


For cocktail parties, she’d wear her best

Fancy, glittering evening dress


She cleans the house before the maid

The ones she hired had it made


She gave us comic books when leaving

For an adult-only evening


When leaving on a trip, I’d try

My best to make her stay—I’d cry


She’d say, “I know how to dry your eyes;

Look—I have for you a prize!


She always brought home souvenirs

From every country, far and near


When she’s in pain, she won’t complain

Typical of Mary Jane


Compared to all, she’s like no other

I’m proud to say she is My Mother