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MY OLD MAN (Tom Magrann II)

By Tracey Magrann



Full-time father, full-time Dad

The best darn one a kid can have


You’ll never see a finer man—

Hails from PA, CA, and Iran


He sees people without color

Learned from his beloved father


Picked apples for a weekly pay

Of fifty cents—“The Good Old Days”


Tried to soak his younger brother,

Got his Dad wet—run for cover!


Don’t bet against him, or you’ll lose

First your shirt and then your shoes


Loves his country high and low

Cast his vote for Ross Perot


When the rest can hardly wait

Has the patience of a saint


Will of granite, heart of gold

When he was made, they broke the mold


Tough as nails, nerves of steel

Shoulder always to the wheel


Hard as iron, soft as clay

Always work before you play


All agree the man is handy

Fixes things up fine and dandy


Electronics engineer

He’ll fix your problems, never fear!


Paint a fence, fix a roof

No job’s too tough; the point is moot



Hangs wallpaper anywhere

Always perfect, done with care


Painter, plumber, sander, more!

Does the yard work till he’s sore


Handyman, has all the tools-

Metric, standard, watts, and joules


Had this pencil all his life

Sharpens that one with a knife


Problem solver, mathematician

Barbequer and magician


Home movies are his specialty

Makes copies for the family


Adds some music, narrarates;

The quality’s indeed first rate


When long of tooth and short of nail

Received his B.A. through the mail


Loves to learn!  You’ll discover

This honor student outwits others


“The best things in life are NOT free-

Your best bet is a collage degree”


Sometimes runner, sometimes jogger

Problem lungs: sputum logger


Jogger, walker, runner, so on

Age fifty five: a marathon


Runs through plate glass, dives off roofs

Jumps over cars when he has to


Knocked his teeth out once or twice

But his new ones sure look nice!


No one spins a better yarn

Though most agree he prattles on



Tongue in cheek, he’s at his glory

Telling shaggy doggie stories


Puzzles, stories, riddles, jokes-

First he solves them, then he gloats


While he ponders on a riddle

Eats pretzels or some peanut brittle


Dodgers, Eagles, Lakers, Rams,

Philly Flyers, Steelers fan


Halftime trivia questions planned

Super Sunday party man


For parties he spares no expense-

The best of times for gals and gents


Captain of his little boat

Sure to keep his guests afloat


Pizza on a Friday night

Mmm, delicious!  Have a bite!


He says, “Darling, you’re a pelican-

Your eyes can hold more than your belly can!”


Wants to be a millionaire

Clips out coupons on his way there


Safe to say he loves his Fords

Iacocca, once adored


Remembers each important date

Count on him to not be late


Keeps his schedule on his mind

Always there ahead of time


On vacation, he’s at his best

Even then he doesn’t rest:


With a look described as pensive

Says, “Souvenirs are too expensive!”



Haggles prices down to nothing-

Might not even want the dumb thing!


So little does he have to pay,

The poor street merchant made his day


Loves his sister, father, mother,

His younger and his older brother,


His wife and all his children, who

Are known as the “Magrann Clan”, too


But don’t stop there! Sent from heaven:

Six and one half grandchildren


Horsey rides upon his knee

Giddy up!  His rides are free!


Don’t put anything past this man-

Even bit ol’ Dapper Dan


But look closely, you’ll discover

He’s not a fighter, he’s a lover


Known to most as Tom Magrann

I’m proud to say he’s My Old Man