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My parents taught me:


When your backís to the wall

You canít run from the law

Keep your eye on the ball 

Come when I call


Keep your ear to the wall

Watch out or youíll fall

Youíre getting so tall

Protect those who are small


Time has really flown

Donít pick a bone

Get off of the phone

Keep your nose to the grindstone


Donít swim alone

Watch your tone

Wait till youíre grown

Donít cast the first stone


Bite your tongue

Keep your clothes hung

Donít cough up a lung

That song has been sung


Keep a stiff upper lip

Your father will flip

Just get a grip

Donít double-dip


Keep a tight ship

Be sure not to slip

Your hair needs a clip

Iíll give you the whip


Keep your chin up

Drink your milk from a cup

Go walk the pup

Doní be so abrupt


Keep your finger in the dam

Please call her ďmaíamĒ

Donít be such a ham

Donít let the door slam


Face the facts

Pick up your jacks

No between-meal snacks

Cover your tracks


Keep your shoulder to the wheel

Monsters arenít real

You must never steal

I know how you feel


Keep a song in your heart

Go do your part

Get a head start

Just play it smart


Your headís in the clouds

Donít knit your brows

Donít run in the house

Button your blouse


Stay on your toes

Make friends of your foes

God always knows 

One reaps what one sows


The grass always grows

The river flows

Follow your nose

Look for rainbows


Keep your mouth shut

Suck in your gut

Get out of that rut

Get rid of that mutt


Keep your feet on the ground, and reach for the stars!

All men are good for is opening jars

Donít hang out in bars, and beware of fast cars

Women are from Venus and men are from Mars