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Matthew Torpey Sr, and wife Sarah Davin



                                                                            James Robert Earley II  and wife Mary Torpey


Evelyn Earley and Bob Shelton

(had children: Robert, Margaret, and Michael)   



                                                                                                                     Bob and Julia Shelton                                    Mike Shelton   


                                                                                      Peggy Shelton Clark, and daughter Suzy



Betty and Frank Plush, Frank Plush, Betty Plush, had one child, Richard


Richard Plush Sr, Linda Plush

Rich Plush II, Patrick Plush, Kelly Plush 


Tom Magrann II, wife Mary Jane Earley Magrann; wedding, 1943. They had four children: Trish, Tom, Tim, and Tracey


Trish Magrann Moran, kids Meghan Magrann and Jack Moran

Tom "Mac" Magrann III,   Rhea Ziegler Magrann (Mac has four children: Kelly, Tommy, Royal, and Molly)


                                                 Kelly Magrann, brother Tom Magrann IV             


                                                Royale Magrann, sister Molly Magrann                   

Tim Magrann, fiancÚ Judy


Tracey Magrann, her son Kyle Magrann Graves (right), and husband Frank Reyes, with step children Jessica and Frank Jr.


Larry and Peggy Roantree

Roantree Children: Larry, John, Eileen, Mary, Paul, and Marge


John and Maureen Roantree


Marge and Jeff Chatham



Mary Roantree Copeland's daughter, Heather Copeland


Vince McBride Sr,   Kathleen McBride,


 Vince and Pat McBride, and daughter Katie McBride


Denny McBride, Pat Hanson McBride,  and daughter Maren McBride


Pat and wife, Terry McBride, and their son Michael McBride


Christine McBride Long (husband Joe not pictured), and son Joe Long II



Patsy Buchanan, George Buchanan Sr,


                Geraldine (Gerri) Buchanan and husband John Ambrose (sons below):       








               Matthew and brother Shawn Ambrose and his wife Amy and son Ian Ambrose    



James Buchanan Sr, and Kathleen O'Conner Buchanan

 James Buchanan II, Erin Buchanan

Mary Buchanan


 George Buchanan II, George Buchanan III, John Buchanan



Hugh Buchanan,         Brian Buchanan


Matthew Buchanan Sr

Regina Buchanan Curry and husband,  David Curry III

and their children, David Curry IV, and Hannah Curry



Michael Buchanan, Inga Mohr Buchanan, and their son Bjorn


Dave Buchanan, wife Lisa, kids Danielle Buchanan, Patrick Buchanan



Helen and Rocco Montana

      children: Betsy, Rocky, Helen, and Lucy


                                                                                                          Betsy Dooley                                                 



                        Rocky and Donna Montana                                       Gina, Rocky II, Donna, and Rocky III Montana



                                                               Helen Andrick and children, Kristin and Ryan 



                                                                            Lucy and Nick Janicelli and children Maryann and Nick




Jim Earley and his Uncle Mat Torpey III

Jim and Mahala Earley (1953)

Jim IV and Diana Earley with children Madison and Austin Earley


Kathleen Earley and Robert Frieden, with children: Emerson and Meghan Day


                Nancy Earley Perko and old photo of children Krista, Dennis, and Thomas; Krista Perko


Theresa Earley's children:  Allan and Molly Latz, and Kaleigh and Taylor "Mahala" Urdzik

 Kaleigh and Mahala Earley-Urdzik


Joe and Jennifer Earley and children, McKenna and Adrian Earley


Sally Earley and Charles Brogan 

(Children are Patty, Gerri, Chris, and Michael)

Gerri and husband David Mills