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Veg Star Of The Week: Royale “Seitan Is The Devil”

Written by Veg Star Staff on October 20th, 2009 in Veg Star Of The Week.

How you bring home the faken bacon (occupation): Social Media Coordinator for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Favorite Vegetarian Foods: Jack fruit anything, Daiya cheese on Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza, Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos and Mint-Chip Tofutti Cuties! Oh yeah, fruits and vegetables are tasty too!

Least favorite vegetarian foods: Seitan is the devil.

Location and Best place (s) in your town to grab a veggie bite to eat (and sample foods): Gotta love the Pure Luck/Scoops combo, go for a delicious dinner and grab amazing vegan gelato afterwards! You have to try Todd’s BBQ Sandwich from Pure Luck: 707 N Heliotrope Dr Los Angeles, CA 90029, and the Banana Oreo soyscream from Scoops: 712 N Heliotrope Drive LA CA 90029

Learn who Royale’s favorite vegetarian celebrity is after the jump…

What made you switch to vegetarianism:
I watched PETA’s “Meet your Meat” ( ) when I was fourteen and it was over, I have practiced a plant-based diet ever since. I became vegan a couple of years ago after taking a closer look at the dairy industry and have never felt better. If you haven’t seen footage from PETA’s new undercover investigation of Land O’Lakes and still eat dairy– you’ll quit cold Tofurky, I guarantee it. (

Something interesting you’ve read or learn on the Vegetarian Star you’ve never heard of before:
Too many things to list! I’ve learned I love following you on Twitter, it serves as inspiration for my own tweets! You’re so awesome at keeping me up to date on what veg-celebs are doing what!

Vegetarian celebrity you admire/like and why:
I love Alicia Silverstone, she is so just damn juicy. I admire her for so many reasons. For writing ‘The Kind Diet,’ as a writer I find most celebrity authors nauseating, so it’s nice to see someone with something important to say saying it and being heard. For adopting a vegan lifestyle and not simply the diet, I’m quite eager for her collaboration with Eco-Tools this winter… vegan make-up brushes really get me going. For looking amazing and not being afraid to flaunt it (I’d rather go naked if I were her too) and lastly not being afraid to say “poo” out loud (just read a funny interview she did with EcoStiletto (

Anything else you’d like to share with Veg Star readers about yourself (e.g. this is a great place for promoting your veg organization or blog, book waiting to be published, pending patent on fake meat, your naked PETA ad coming out soon, etc.) I am so proud that my job allows me to raise awareness about animal issues on social networks. It’s a great feeling to be able to reach out to PETA and/or vegetarian supporters and interact with them directly. I love getting feedback, listening to their victories and helping to answer questions people have about adopting a compassionate lifestyle. Some days can be difficult, sharing undercover footage or stories of abuse, but in the end I know that by getting the truth out animals are ultimately being saved. And who doesn’t love being on Twitter and Facebook all day?! RT?