When Selena had learned that her friend Tom Thumb, the star attraction of the midget show, had suddenly died of a heart attack, she quickly bounds to the circus grounds in her Jaguar and parks next to the carniv­orous cages. Selena notices the fresh touch-up paint on the end of Tom Thumb’s walking stick and. immediately embarks on a search of the midgets living quarters. When she finds a pen knife and wood shavings in the corner of one tent she asks: “Who lives in this tent?” The Ringmaster informs Selena that it is occupied by Mr. Small, Tom Thumb’s understudy. Selena replies, “Arrest that pint size killer for the murder of Tom Thumb!”


How does Selena know?





Because Mr. Small was whittling Tom Thumb’s walking stick down in size and the star midget suffered a heart attack when he went on one of his daily walks, because he was seized with the horrible thought that he was growing taller and would thereby lose his top billing as the smallest man in the world.