Great news! All these late nights and aching arms have paid off.  Tonight the link to royalty has finally been made! 
Not only are we descended from Kings, but from Charlemagne, himself!  
(I had to go by way of Norway, but that's OK!)
In previous emails I mentioned the "Stokes" line. You know, the one about the baker who was killed by the black plague 
after visiting his son who had been in prison in London for being a Quaker... The same son who was sent to Amsterdam for his religion, kidnapped by pirates, 
no one would pay the ransom, so they dropped him, and his fellow shipmates, back in England....  The same Stokes who married the Lippincott line 
that links us to Barbara Pierce Bush and the Lippincott Publishing firm...Anyway, while cleaning up some old info I decided to follow that line back a bit.
It's taken awhile, but I was able to initially link us to Knights and Barons, then Counts and finally Kings! 
Bottom line is that Henry, Geraldine, and Elizabeth Jones stand as the 38th great-grandchildren of Charlemagne.  
The Jones/Neidhardt/Moyer offspring are the 39th Great Grandchildren. The only fly in the ointment is that my husband is the 34th great grandchild, 
so I guess now he and I are cousins, too!  And, dang, he out does me by 5 generations!!!!    
Well, he needs me for him to have such great relatives as you all, so I guess I've still outdone him:) 
But, back to Charlemagne. It also means that we are related to almost anybody we'd want to be, 
such  as Walt Disney, Humphrey Bogart, Audrey and Katherine Hepburn, the Roosevelts, oodles of presidents, and so on.  (
No, Tom, unfortunately, once again, there is no money left to us.)  It doesn't change who we are, but it sure makes history more interesting!
Love to all!