Would you like to play a guessing game?  Good, Iíll explain the rules.  A clue will be given, some easy and some sublime, hinting at the nature of my structure and occupation, then you must attempt to guess my name.


Iím constructed similarly to a house, but am much smaller then the one in which you live. It must be stated that I have no windows but my siding is aluminum, the same material as my roof.  If you should ever visit, youíll find my door unlocked; this makes it easier for the childrenís many visits and for my impatient adult friends. My entire exterior is coated a dull black and from such a color scheme, you have assuredly deducted that I must be prolific in lieu of ornamental.


On special occasions, much like your holidays; I, too, proudly fly my pennant. It resembles your great flag except it has no stars or the colors white and blue.


My location .is strategic, as the only access to my masterís home is gained via the concrete walk which passes beneath my front door. On my lofty perch, which has been built to Government specifications, I can observe all movements of travelers passing by. I am particularly delighted when a certain friend is spotted approaching with a gift in hand, bearing the identical name which I proudly wear on my side.


More clues would be too obvious; in fact, I gave you some clues that were not intended.

Your turn has come to play the game. Whatís my name?