The sound was subtle and far away. In those first seconds it could have easily been mistaken for a familiar lullaby or perhaps a child at play, it this thought swiftly vanished as the tempo quickened and the pitch increased. The sound, though miles away, was now a roar and came rushing forward as if propelled by a runaway locomotive. With an incredible speed, even before I could cover my ears, it was upon me, filling the room with shattering vibrations.


In sheer desperation my left hand shot out and up in front of my face in an effort to silence the uncontrollable scream. My thrust was intercepted by a cold metal noise emitting monster and my fingers became entangled with its numerous computer-like controls. Each movement of my fingers increased the decibel level to the threshold of pain, which reacted or, the autonomic nervous system to stimulate my right hand into action.


As the left hand firmly held the metal monster at arms length, the index finger of the right hand quickly depressed the “off” button which silenced the alarm clock just as my scrambled thoughts slowly emerged from the inky pool of slumber.