Mary Jane Earley  (parents)         MAGRANN PEDIGREE             EARLEY PEDIGREE    

BORN:  April 18, 1925, Norristown, PA

MARRIED:  Oct 23, 1943   (50th wedding anniversary photos)

SPOUSE:  Thomas Joseph Magrann, Jr.

DIED:  Sep 3, 2001, Yorba Linda, CA

EDUCATION:  High School

CAREER:  Housewife/Mother  High School Diploma

HOBBIES/INTERESTS:  Enjoyed shopping, Arts and Crafts, painting, tending the garden, giving parties,  spoiling her grandchildren, remembering everyone by sending cards for every occasion, Interior decorating, traveling (Click here for travel list), received several bowling trophies, played the organ, and enjoyed collecting turtles. She was also featured in a newspaper article about the time she lived in Morocco.


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                              Patricia Lee Magrann

                              Thomas Joseph Magrann, III

                              Timothy Michael James Magrann

                              Tracey Marie Magrann




What are some special memories you have?

One of my best memories is our 50th Wedding Anniversary party; it was even more enjoyable than the original wedding!  Although our parents were not still around (and that can't be replaced), we had many friends from all over the world come, including Saudi Arabia and Iran, and relatives from the east coast came out for the week.  Many of us then went to Las Vegas for the weekend afterwards.  The event was held at a hotel near Disneyland.  Tom had prepared a slideshow presentation of our life together, and we renewed our wedding vows (although I couldn't stop laughing when the priest asked me if I would "promise to obey").  We also received letters from the Governor of California, State Senators, Cardinal Mahoney, and even the President of the United States.

50th Wedding Anniversary

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Las Vegas